Forget alternative history.

Jul. 21st, 2017 09:31 am
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I want an alternative evolution where humans hibernate in winter.
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Preppin' the script; first rehearsal is tomorrow. Woot! #somanypostits #trustmeihaveasystem #itmakessensetome #theyllprobablyfalloffintwodays #dw


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Wild America, rehearsal space

Jul. 10th, 2017 11:48 pm
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My kitchen floor has become a popular tourist destination for several different kinds of bugs. One of the visitor-types is ridiculously cute and super-friendly inchworm that is always more than happy to hop on a paper towel and take a fun ride as we relocate him outside. We looked up this bug online which confirmed what we already knew: They don't bite, they eat bad bugs, and if they're inside your house they're lost and would very much appreciate being brought outside. It's a joy when we see one, and it's fun setting it free on the lawn.

Another visitor is a particularly chunky but super-cute spider, totally not ooky, and about the size of a dime when their legs are in a wide stance. The males are a teeeeeny bit more colorful than the females, but either way-- they're super-cute. They can move pretty fast, so these guys get the "inverted glass over them and cardstock under them" treatment as they ride in their Jetsonsesque space pod to their new outdoor home. They also seem relieved when relocated outside on the lawn (where, along with its inchworm friend, a bird will eat it 10 minutes later or Matt will pulverize it with the lawn mower. Wow--- that got dark pretty quick.)​​​​​​.

We probably relocate 3-4 inchworms per day and 3-4 spiders per week. (Who knows -- maybe we're just putting the same one inchworm and spider power couple outside several times per week-- haha!) We don't mind getting up close and personal with these critters... it's fun to look at them, and we definitely prefer the catch-and-release method to using pesticides (though I admit we went full Ant-mageddon when I accidentally brought in a huge swarm of angry ants thanks to a nest that formed in my mailbox/mail while we were out of town).

Bugs seem to prefer the kitchen, probably because the kitchen is built on a slab so it's easier for them to get in. (I'm pretty damn diligent about keeping things clean, so I don't think they're there to eat.)

(Yes, I grok that inchworms and spiders are not technically bugs. Apologies to bugs and bugs' rights activists.)

Rehearsal Space Quandary )

Anyhoo-- I will let y'all know when tickets are available, once I know anything. Tickets will only be available through the theater's website, I do know that much. I also know there are no comp tickets available (not that anyone asked), but there are lots of zero-committment volunteer opportunities (like ushing for a single performance or working the box office for a single performance) if you'd like to see the show for free. :-).

Allrighty... I'm falling asleep (before midnight! Holy crap!).

All righty... bedtime.
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Hi, all!

This poor blog is turning into a brain-dump of incoherent paragraphs as opposed to thoughtful writing edited for flow. Oh well. Take what you can get, I guess.

  • This seemed popular last time, so I'll post it again. I subscribe to the NYTimes, and every morning at 6am (when I'm going to sleep-- ha) they send out their Morning Briefing. I've really enjoyed incorporating their thoughful writing into my day, and I find myself reading other articles on their app pretty often. (Hey, at least it's not Buzzfeed.) Anyhoo, every so often they have a Political Writing Roundup, where they "scour the internet for political writing from the right and left that you might not have seen." I appreciate this, and the last time I copied/pasted this, many of you did, too. So, enjoy: Right and Left React to the Donald Trump Jr. Email Scandal

  • Planet Ten is a Delaware-based multimedia firm and they do everything from creating concert posters for concert venues to CD layouts for bands to website design and development to custom commercials and ad campaigns for very large business and music recording for radio spots and just recently they were hired to create the concert's projected backdrop visuals for Tom Petty's current 40th Anniversary Tour. I love these guys' design aesthetic, and we've hired them for a few projects. A few years back we bartered a job where they did our 39 Summers CD layout and I did some voiceover work for them. Ever since then, whenever they need a female voice for a VO project, they toss it my way. I've been the voice of the Delaware Health and Human Services Healthy Homes Project (which teaches dumb people how to clean their house using cheap products), and I've been submitted for a Comcast Universal spot, and a few other things. The other day they asked me to audition for two spots for St. Francis Healthcare and I got the job-- so this morning at the crack of ass (when everyone's voice sounds great) I had a conference call with Planet Ten and another ad agency to coach me a bit on what kind of feel they're looking for, beyond what I gave them on the audition. I have another call scheduled with their director this afternoon, and I hope I don't fuck this up... because I honestly can't think of a different way to deliver the lines than how I already did on the audition recording. Let's hope they give good direction.

  • Speaking of voice stuff, Hot Breakfast!'s producer, Ritchie Rubini, called me the other day and said he's working with a songwriter who has written some songs and wants to get them recorded. Ritchie is an amazing multi-instrumentalist, so he's created all of the background tracks, and he's hired a few singers so sing the tunes. There's one that's kinda jazzy with some funky intervals that he wants me to record... but the thing is, the song is Jesusy. So I asked Ritchie "how Jesusy?" and his answer was great... he said, "Not thaaat Jesusy... but if you're worried about anyone hearing these songs other than this lady's family, you've got nothing to worry about." So we discussed the price to hire me and came to an agreement as to what my self-worth is worth, and I'll be recording the track tomorrow.

  • So, our pal has had some pretty heavy-duty back surgery a few weeks ago and is basically immobile and house-bound. She can't drive, can't sit up, is in rotten pain (and can't take any meds for it-- jeeeeezus), and is really having a rough time. She's always been VERY self-sufficient, and she's still trying to be as much as possible, but as an immobile person without a spouse/family, it's extra hard. Hell, I didn't even know she had surgery until I saw an Instagram post that showed her scars (damn you Instagram and your shitty algorithms showing me things on YOUR schedule and not on my friends' schedule!), and then after I dug through her post history and got semi-updated I reached out to her and asked if we could bring some homemade food up and have a visit, which we did yesterday. Matt and I cooked yesterday day (he made a gorgeous lasagna with homemade sauce, homemade meatballs, and sausage and yum; I made a sweet/tangy quinoa salad with sweet potatoes, an apple crisp, and some chocolate chip cookies (some cooked dark, some cooked light for variety!), and we drove 'em up to Macungie and had a nice visit. I admit it was a little surreal driving those Macungie roads again, but it also was a pretty drive and gave us some good naches, ​​​​​​too. And I think maybe for 3 minutes Karen felt a little better, I hope. Poor kid. I really, really hope this surgery turns a corner for her.

  • Since I have no work this summer (ugh), I decided to not dye my hair for two months, let the platinum grow out a bit, and see what things look like. I haven't seen my natural hair color in decades, so I wanted to see what's under there. So, what's under there is a non-descript ashy borning blah-brown with maybe 10% gray. I shaved the sides of my head (well, not "shaved shaved," but used the clippers on the 2 setting) and now there's no blonde whatsoever on the sides and behind my ears where I clipped it. The bad thing is this means I can only wear my hair in a faux-hawk, and the 2 inches of dark root against the platinum looks SO methy that I'm just wearing Rosie the Riveter bandanas and scarves on my head. Clipping my hair was totally impulsive, and I'm not sure what the end-game is. I'm not sure what they want from me hairwise for Lizzie, so I'm willing to wait a week or two until they start talking costumes before I do anything. But I know we have a brand in Hot Breakfast!-land with my hair being one of our most easily-and-publicly- identifiable traits, and I am sure if I colored my hair dark or red that we would become invisible. But the platinum is really hard on my strands... though I'm starting to think it just might be my hair guy who doesn't do it well and winds up having to triple-process it every visit. I follow a few stylists on Instagram (naturally they're both in California) who specialize in damage-free white platinum, but I'm not quiiiite the rockstar where I can justify flying to California once a month to get mah hairz did. So I'm in a holding pattern for now.

  • This past weekend the Casarinos celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a dinner party at the Columbus Inn for about 18 people. It was really lovely; the food was great, everyone had a wonderful time, and HOLY LORD Matt's cousin Leah (who is an executive pastry chef at the Hotel DuPont) made the most amazing cake I've ever seen. She always makes jaw-dropping gorgeous creations, but this one outdid them all. Steve and Betsy like wine, and they also are kinda known for always having cheese, crackers, and nuts out for guests. So Leah made a wine bottle and two glasses out of clear sugar, and then made a STREAM OF WINE pouring out of the wine bottle into the glasses (also out of sugar) which suspended the wine bottle in mid-air. Then she made a table out of cake, and decorated the table with a perfectly-printed napkin that had their name and anniversary date on it, and then dishes of nuts, crackers, cheeses, and hot-pepper-shooters that Steve makes for every holiday. All of these were made out of fondant-- but most fondant is friggin' gross, but hers is so thin and delicate that you actually wanna eat it. And the cake was moist and magnificent and holy god above, how did I get so lucky go have been adopted into a family with a pastry chef in it? :-) I would post photos, but I don't know how to do that here with my phone.

    That's the big update.
  • I Aten't Dead

    Jul. 12th, 2017 10:52 am
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    It's just winter and my motivation is low.

    Also I have finally, over the years, tweaked my settings on facebook so I see more posts and less ads and less "so and so liked this" and so that's where I tend to be active these days. It still shows the same popular posts over and and over and misses other stuff and has many frustrating idiosyncrasies which are no doubt adopted in the quest to create more revenue, but despite all that it's were I get my easy online interacting with humans fix most days.

    I'm so ashamed. Except not really.

    Also my laptop had a crisis and I had to reset it, but fortunately was able to use the "keep my files" option. I've reinstalled most of my programs, but can't find my MS Office license - because my filing system consists of "open draw, drop item into draw, close draw" which is good if the goal is to superficially tidy before visitors arrive but not for retrieving things. But laptop is functional enough to use browser and watch videos, which is 90% of what I do with it.

    Here is a photo of Mason who discovered the insulating and cushioning properties of bubble wrap and proceeded to make a nest out of it on top of some cardboard boxes right after bedtime on Monday night.
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